Everything about Invitations

When should I sent my wedding invitations? What information should i include? What is an invitation suite?

We know that sending wedding invitations can be intimidating! But have no fear, we are here to help! Let's talk through some of the main frustrations of invitations! ANd we're sharing our favorite tips for making your invitations perfect for you!

When should you send your invitations? Wedding Invitations should be sent out 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding. This gives guests time to receive their invitations, and RSVP. As well as make travel arrangements.

What is in an invitation Suite? What you would like to include in your Invitation suite is completely up to your preferences. Here are some of the common components:

- The Invitation: this is the heart of the invitation. It should include the colors and theme of your wedding day, as well as a when and where for your guests.

- An RSVP Option: there should be a card in there with details of how to RSVP. It can be a return card or postcard. Recently, having an online RSVP option has become popular. It is a more sustainable options and can be easier for guests

- A Detail Card: Lot of people chose to include a Detail card, that includes additional information that did not fit on the invitation. Here is a great place to include information about a room block, dress code, schedule of events, and your wedding website

- Extras to include: There are some totally option details you can include with your invitation to really impress your guests - A sketch of the venue, a map of the area, a photo of you and your significant other, your fur babies are all ways to add personality to your invitations

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