Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Especially these days it seems more important than ever to optimize all of the cost saving measures you can for your wedding day. Let’s talk through some of the options that I often recommend to clients.

Trim your guest list.

This may be one of the harder ones to work through, But inviting less guests means spending less money. An increased headcount increases the number of meals you have to serve, the number of tables you have to have, the number of ceremony chairs you have to put out. It adds up quickly. If you’re stressing about going over your budget one of the best ways to trim the cost is to trim the guest list.

Schedule during the off season

One of the better ways to save money for your wedding is to consider having it during an off season. Many vendors charge more for weddings during peak season. Here in North Carolina, that season is April to October. I had a past gathered bride who saved a significant amount of money by booking their wedding March 30. In a similar fashion hosting your wedding on a Friday or a Sunday can also save some big dough.

Pick some vendors that offer cost savings

Select your venders carefully, and save where you can, but be carefulThe old saying you get what you pay for is very much true with wedding vendors. There are lots of great vendors who are just starting out their businesses and charge a discounted rate. But if you cut costs on vendors, you have to be OK with settling if it isn’t exactly what do you wanted. Some of the vendors that I would recommend saving on are:

  • cake: The cost of cake adds up quick. Very quick. One way to save is to order a smaller cake, that is still beautiful, and delicious. But in addition order a sheet cake for the caterers to keep in the back. You can cut your smaller cake. But they will bring the sheet cake out already cut, so your guests never even know.

  • Wedding day attire: a great way to save is on your wedding dress and wedding suit. There are a lot of great options for off the rack dresses and consignment dresses. One of my favorite places in the Charlotte area is savvy bridal boutique. One of my favorite online places to shop for wedding dresses is still The same could be said for the grooms attire there are lots of great online options were you can purchase tuxedos and suits that are great quality and a great fit without costing an arm and a leg. For these I would recommend the black tux and combat Gent.

  • Musicians: reaching out to a local college or high school can be a great way to save on the cost of live musicians. Live musicians can be a large investment for a small part of the wedding day, so saving some money here can be a great option.