Seasonal Wedding Florals

I asked Aubrey with willow floral boutique to share some insight on seasonal florals in NC, and I am excited to share her knowledge with y'all! If you are looking for a crazy talented florist, I definitely recommend Aubrey!

With the flower industry being a worldwide market, florists have access to most flowers year-round especially when price isn’t a part of the conversation. But let’s talk about seasonal flowers that are available from our local farms! North Carolina is growing in the amount of local and sustainable flower farms, and we are able to use these gorgeous blooms for your big day! This doesn’t mean that we get these local blooms for dirt cheap, but they will be reasonable in pricing and the quality of these blooms is undeniably worthy of all the heart eyes. It also allows us to support other local and sustainable businesses – win-win-win in my book. I want to highlight a few local blooms from each season (keep in mind, Mother Nature does what she wants so these are not guaranteed!)

Mainly, I want to highlight some of these so expectations can be managed – if your wedding is in October, peonies will not be a part of your designs, but most likely dahlias could be. These 2 flowers are the industry’s divas though, they are absolutely only available in their season. For example: lisianthus are available almost year-round, but in the summer and fall they are fluffier, fuller and each stem is LOADED with blooms. Some of these highlighted cross over into the next season, so there’s a lot of flexibility there, too.

You could meet your new favorite flower, but try to stay open and ask your florist for their professional guidance and opinions. That’s what we’re here for, and we love educating our brides!


- Dried flowers and greenery

- Hellebore (late winter)

- Curly Willow

- Magnolia

- Winter Evergreens (Cedar, Fir, etc.)


- Daffodil

- Tulip

- Ranunculus

- Icelandic Poppy

- Anemone


- Lisianthus

- Peony (late May/early June)

- Zinnia

- Celosia

- Queen Anne’s Lace/Ammi


- Dahlia

- Chrysanthemum

- Gomphrena

- Lisianthus

- Zinnia

Photo Credit:

Winter - Rob+Kristen Spring - Mango Market, Kelly Sullivan Photography

summer - Kevyn Dixon Photography

fall - Avonne Photography, Aly Barnett Photography